Make this season a time to discover a fresh and casual beachy world filled with megayachts, alfresco dining, outlet shopping, eco-adventure, arts and more. Fort Lauderdale is a refined destination for relaxation, fun and all kinds of people watching.

The city of Fort Lauderdale is a fresh taste of paradise located in the heart of South Florida. It offers unique hotels, pristine beaches, entertaining arts and culture and exciting gaming. Plan a trip to the exotic land of Florida and make Fort Lauderdale your destination.

The more you do, the more you'll marvel at this beautiful paradise. From sports fishing to museums, Fort Lauderdale wants you to explore their acclaimed art, culture and South Florida living!

Hot Summer Activities in Fort Lauderdale

A hot summer in Fort Lauderdale means one thing: you’re going to need to cool down in the water. Whether you’re a big risk taker or are more of a “landlubber,” we have something for everyone. Sit back, grab an icy drink and choose your adventure. Waveblast Water Sports – Just a short drive from ...

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Spring Means Festival Season in Florida

As spring moves in, so do a flurry of festivals! We’re excited to be outside enjoying the weather with friends, fun and food.  The hardest part about this season is going to be deciding which festivals to go to. To help you out with your festival festivities, we’ve put together a list going on this ...

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5 Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale to Heat Up Your Winter

The heart of winter is upon us. While animals are hibernating and birds are migrating, we’re stuck in temperatures that will stubbornly refuse to rise for another couple of months. But while the frigid weather might dampen some spirits it also affords many some unique opportunities, like traveling to a place where people can take ...

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Enjoy the Fort Lauderdale Nightlife on a Wednesday at Off The Hookah

We’ve all had those weeks where it feels like the minutes slow down to an idle crawl and the days drag lazily along. You wearily think to yourself, it’s almost the weekend but then you check your calendar and do a double-take because some glitch on your desktop is telling you that it’s only Wednesday. ...

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Fort Lauderdale During the Holidays

If you’re like us at Ettractions, you expect a little snow during the holiday season. We’re not saying we want to be buried under a mountainous snow bank. On the contrary, in fact. We’d rather have a little sprinkling so we feel like we’re in a Norman Rockwell painting. But a little light powder isn’t for everyone. ...

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